Detroit Musicians Entertainment Referral Service

We the officers, board, and staff of the Detroit Federations of Musicians are here to serve you. As part of our mission to better serve the membership of this local we have added a great deal of functionality to the new website to help you better promote your music. However, with this greater functionality comes some responsibility; What you choose to post not only represents you, but all of the members of Local 5 as well. Please observe the following simple guidelines outlined in our Terms of Service”

 Terms of Service

  1. Quality of Content: Please insure that everything you post (photos, audio, and video) is of the highest quality and meets the standards of performance excellence upheld by the Detroit Federation of Musicians. 
    1.  Each profile must contain at least one photo (profile photo).
    2. All photos must be professional quality (no “snap shots” allowed) and must be recent enough that they resemble the subject.
    3. All audio and video demos must be of the highest quality; produced to professional industry standards.
    4. The musicianship presented in all demos must likewise be of the highest, professional caliber.
    5. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the deactivation of your profile until the materials in question are brought into compliance. We will be happy to assist you with information and resources for developing your promotional materials.
  2.  Copyright Law: You must abide by all federal Copyright law. All images, music, and video you post and present as your own on this site must be performed by you (or your band) and not infringe upon the copyright of others in any way.
  3.  Offensive Material: While we respect your right to artistic freedom we reserve the right to remove any material that is deemed offensive, obscene, or reflects poorly on the Detroit Federation of Musicians and it’s members.
  4.  Media Content Storage Limit: Please respect our limit of 25 megabytes for all uploaded materials per profile. This means that all digital media (photos, videos, audio tracks etc.) not exceed a total of 25MB combined. There is no limit on streaming media (see note below).*
  5.  Professional Courtesy: Be respectful of your brothers and sisters of Local 5 while promoting your music by limiting the scope of your commentary to your own music and abilities. Posting any comments that disparage or question the abilities of other musicians will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of your profile.
  6.  Contact Information and External Links: Detroit Musicians Entertainment is a referral service. As such, members may NOT post personal or business contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, web addresses, social media addresses, etc. Additionally, you may not link FROM your profile to any other site. Linking TO your profile is permitted.  Any materials that violate this rule will be removed. Repeated violations of this rule will result in the loss of your privilege to maintain a profile at Detroit Musicians Entertainment.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the suspension or removal of your profile. Willfully presenting the work, music, or intellectual property of others as your own or violating copyright law, will result in immediate removal of your profile and possible disciplinary action. 

 * Streaming Media: You can now include streaming audio and video in your profile, such as YouTube and Soundcloud. Please visit this link for complete instructions on how to do this before creating your profile. It is surprisingly easy and absolutely free. Please take a look because it saves us all money, adds great functionality to your profile, and helps promote your music.

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