Royal Garden Trio

  • Gender: Musician
  • Instrument/s: Cello, Clarinet, Guitar (Acoustic), Saxophone
  • Music Type: Jazz, Jazz Fusion
  • Event Type: Club Date, Community Event/Celebration, Dinner Party, Reception
  • About:
    Michigan’s Royal Garden Trio has managed to make an ambitious, broad-ranging album that surpasses even its first – and that’s no mean trick.

    In fact, RGT’s vigorous musical hybrid – blending the Parisian cafe with the American nightclub,manages to be fresh and original without being exotic; a rarity anywhere and nearly unheard of in jazz.

    Davison’s Tom Bogardus (who wrote the album’s two originals) doubles on tenor guitar and clarinet, with a hard-edged, straight-ahead, Sidney Bechet-like style. Many have chops, but only the best can really make the ballads sing; and Bogardus’s lyrical soprano sax on Duke Ellington’s “Come Sunday” is an album highlight.

    Guitarist Brian Delaney admirably distances himself from the faster-and-louder school of Django Reinhardt wannabes, and his Continental style – and his breathing, well-constructed solos – find that elegance, not to mention swing, that so many miss.
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