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How To Register

This guide will help you register for our site. During registration you will have an opportunity to create your free Detroit Musicians Entertainment (DME) profile – a valuable resource available to all members. The DME website is an online showcase  designed to connect the many exceptional musicians of Local 5 with members of the greater Metro Detroit community who need live music for special events such as parties, weddings, and corporate events. Please take advantage of this wonderful resource! Creating a profile has never been faster or easier. Please review our FAQ for more information about Detroit Musicians Entertainment.


Email Addresses

  • All Local 5 members must register to use this site. An email address is required for registration.
  • After registering, you can log in and create your free Detroit Musicians Entertainment profile (DME profile). This step is optional.
  • You can have as many DME profiles as you like – however each profile requires completing the registration process again using a unique email address and user name.
  • Would you like your own email address? Fill out the Detroit Musicians Entertainment application online and include the name you would like to use for your new email address (e.g. and we will create it for you.
  • Would you like to forward email from your new email address to your personal email? Remember to include the forwarding email address on you application.

IMPORTANT: Your Detroit Musicians Entertainment profile will not be approved and posted until we receive your DME application.

How to Register For

NOTE: The software that runs our referral site was adapted from a program used by top modeling and talent agencies. During the registration process you may notice terms such as “talent”, “gender”, “model” etc. that seem out of place. None of this will be visible to the public.

Things you will need

  • Your personal email address

If creating a Detroit Musicians Entertainment Profile:

  • Your photo or a band/ensemble photo (jpeg, png, tiff, etc.)
  • Your bio or info about your band (copy and paste from Word etc.)
  • Other supporting material you may have including:
    • MP3s
    • Resume (pdf)
    • Sample Set List (pdf)
    • Links to Vimeo or YouTube Videos
    • Links to SoundCloud Tracks or Play Lists

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers.

Need help? Email

Lets get started…

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 1 Go to and click on “Log In” on the right side of the navigation bar. From the Log In screen choose “Register Now”.


2 Enter all required info:

  • For “Gender” choose Musician.
  • “Type of Profile” is intended for people who will be creating DME profiles in the next step.
      • Even if you will NOT be creating a DME profile, please choose “Soloist”.
      • Otherwise choose “Band and Ensemble” or “Soloist” depending on the type of profile you will be creating.

 02Review and accept the “Terms of Service” and click on “Register”.

3 If you completed all of the necessary fields you will see this screen:


Your registration request will be reviewed and approved by our staff as soon as possible. If you are creating a DME profile, please fill out our short, online DME application. Your DME profile will not be approved without a completed application.  

 4 Upon approval you will receive an email with your user name, temporary password, and link to our login page. When you receive this information, log in with your new user name and password. You will be brought to the screen below.


  • If you do NOT wish to set up a profile on Detroit Musicians Entertainment, choose  the button labeled “Skip This Step”. Congratulations! You are finished and can now explore the site.
  • If you wish to proceed and create your profile, select “Setup Your Profile” and continue to the next step of the tutorial.
  • To change your password or create/edit your profile later go to step 8 of this tutorial.

 5 After clicking on “Setup Your Profile” you will be brought to the screen below. This is where your DME profile is created.


    • Instruments: Select multiple instruments by clicking while holding down the Ctrl key (Ctrl + click).
        • Soloists: Choose ONLY the instruments YOU play.
        • Bands/Ensembles: Choose all featured instruments.
        • All profiles may choose the instrument family they belong too (Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Percussion)
    • Music Type: Use Ctrl + click to select all of the Music Types you perform.
    • Event Type: Use Ctrl + click to select all the Event Types you play.
    • About: This is your Bio (for soloists) or a description of your band/ensemble. This box uses rich text formatting; You can create your bio in your favorite document editor (such as MS Word) and format it as desired. Then copy and paste the text into the “About” box and the formatting should be preserved.
    • The following may NOT be included in your profile either as text in the About section or in photos:
        • Web addresses or links to your website or social media profiles
        • Phone numbers
        • Email addresses

Only links for approved media types may be included in your profile (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud etc). 

Note: You can return to edit this information at any time. When you are finished, click “Save and Continue”.

 6 Members can now add a variety of multimedia content to their profiles. On the top half of the screen (pictured below) you will see drop down boxes that will enable you to simultaneously upload up to nine media files of your choosing.


Currently the site supports the following media types:

  • Images – Photos that will be added to your profile’s gallery. They will be displayed in a “light box”. Once added, you can drag them to adjust the order in which they appear. You can also select which one is displayed as your profile photo.
  • Demo Tracks – MP3 files that will appear as media links on the right hand side of your profile. (Note: There will be no track name – each will be labeled “demo track”).
  • Resume – Your resume in PDF format.
  • Sample Set Lists – Also in PDF format.
  • Remember to click the blue “Update Record” button at the bottom of the page after you have added your media.

Please note that we are requesting all members to observe a 25 MB limit on uploaded media files. This is a guideline and we will allow some flexibility. However our software will monitor the size of your directory. If we find abuse of this guideline your profile may be suspended until it is brought into compliance. So watch out for those big photos!

 7 Your profile will also support the following streaming media types: YouTube, Vimeo, and Sound Cloud. Visit our FAQ page for info on streaming media.


  • Use the drop downs to select the label for the streaming media link you want in your profile (e.g. Demo Reel).
  • Copy and paste the address (URL) for your video or Sound Cloud play list into the box labeled “Media URL”. (Tip: To get the web address for your video or playlist click on the “sharing icon” and copy the address it gives you).
  • After pasting the URL into the appropriate field in your profile, click on the blue “Update Record” button.
  • To delete media, locate the item in the list of files in the Media box (located between Gallery and Uploaded Images). Click the X next to the item you wish to delete.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are done! Your new profile will be activated as soon as your application is approved by our staff.

8  IMPORTANT: To change your password  (and to create or edit your profile at a later date):

  • Log in to and go to the Members page.
  • Select “My Dashboard”.

05You will be brought to this screen:08

  • To change your password, choose “Edit Your Account Details” or click on the My Account tab.
  • To create or edit your DME profile, choose “Manage Your Profile Information” or click on the My Profile tab. Note: Have more than one profile? Make sure you log in using the same email address you used to register the profile you will be editing.

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